Dedicated Offshore Team?

Offshore Testing Center (OTC) service is perfect for the on-going/long running of product testing activity. It helps customer outsource software testing at lower cost, lower risk and higher performance with tailored, dedicated testing teams, with required skill sets and experience. In OTC, the team will adapt to your specific working processes, testing needs and technology choices to ensure tight alignment with your business need. While working, the dedicated resources will gain specific knowledge and experience by the time and therefore, output higher productivity and quality.
By using our OTC service, customers can maximize the advantages of offshore outsourcing while keeping control of the testing budget, confidentiality, security, communications and daily performance.

Offshore Testing Center Engagment Model


  • Effective Agile/Scrum methodology with a strong focus on teamwork and collaboration.
  • Lower cost of delivery through standardization, simplification, process harmonization & scale leverage.
  • Faster turn around and shorter time-to-market to put you ahead of the competition while lowering development costs.
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated and stable team members to help establish a well-defined methodology or process for the client and apply it continuously to improve speed and efficiency.
  • Cross-cultural team. The cultural alignment coupled with onsite Test Experts and Project Coordinator.
  • Strong experienced, ISTQB certified test leads with 10+ years of experience running OTC, ensuring that you receive the highest standards of quality.
  • Flexible team size with average ramp-up and ramp-down any resources of 30 days.