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As an engineering discipline, testing requires special tools, methodologies, skills, knowledge, experience and peculiar talent. Our software manual testing service helps to reduce high downtime cost between releases and avoid lack of testing effort during project peak loads with experienced and ISTQB qualified test engineers.

Our testing service includes:

  • Websites and Web Applications
  • Web Services and APIs
  • Mobile Applications
  • Telecom Devices and Telecom Solutions
  • Network Devices and Telecom Solutions
  • Desktop Applications and Server Services
Software Testing Service

We Offer

Functional Testing

Our Function Testing service is not limited to checking the functionalities against specification only. It covers other essential aspects such as basic usability, accessibility, etc. of the system under test.

System Testing

Our System Testing service covers the system with all the components are integrated, the application as a whole is tested rigorously to see that it meets the specified Quality Standards.

Performance Testing

What if 20,000 concurrent users suddenly start accessing an app? How the app will recover after a very heavy load? Our Performance Testing service helps organization in detecting such quality issue and the impact as early as possible.

Security Testing

Our Security Testing service helps to identify any flaws and gaps from security and vulnerability point of view. We use different tools and approaches to cover different aspects of security.

User Acceptance Testing

Our test engineers will act as end users in the User Acceptace Testing service and deduce how the application will perform in production. In some cast, the testing will be performed at clients' premises.

Document Testing

We provide Document Testing service to ensure the accuracy as well as the comprehension of the end-user documents, including the guideline documents and the user manuals.