Being Up To Date

In a fast changing world and the demands from market, organizations have to act very fast and need to:

  • Modernize the existing products to take advantages of the new platforms and technology
  • Address vulnerabilities or performance issues in old platforms and frameworks or solve the issues with discontinued third party libraries
  • Migrate to cloud such as Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
  • Port from one platform to another such as Desktop, Web, tablet/mobile, Windows, Linux, Mac

With intensive experience in product development, a wide range of technologies, and different enterprise architectures; our team has ported and migrated many legacy applications to the latest technologies, not only significantly improving the performance and scalability, but also reducing maintenance and supporting costs.

We offer end-to-end porting and migration services, from system analysis, technical solution, planning, to implementation, transition and supporting.

Product Porting and Migration Service

Our Solutions

  • Design new system architecture to take advantage of the new platform and technologies.
  • Maximize re-use of the existing code including integration, wrapping and API development.
  • Iterative and incremental porting approach.
  • Automate the porting and migrating process on development and testing.