Deliver Products Faster! Better! Cheaper!

We partner with you to build a full, end-to-end new product strategy with a faster time-to-market and higher product quality with our excellent offshore teams.

Today's market constantly demands for innovative products. Organizations have little choice but to deliver faster, better and cheaper than competitors. Your speed to innovate and time-to-market could be your key differentiator. Developing a new product is far more complicated and challenging than any custom software application development. We understand that success software product development demands a high level of partnership, collaboration and engagement that goes beyond traditional outsourcing relationship.

eCIRCODE offers Offshore Product Development Service

We Offer

eCIRCODE offers our clients through the use of several models for engagement. In fact, they can be tailored to meet your specific needs or combined at any stages of the co-operation. You can easily switch to another model if your project requirements change or you may combine certain features of different models. Depending on your project specification, our company offers the following business models.

Offshore Development Center

We offer the dedicated professional team work for your projects. They work as a virtual, remote extension of your engineering team and receive flexible task assignments based on your needs. The team will adapt to your specific working processes, technology choices to ensure tight alignment with your business need. Budget is measured in man-months and the size of the team can be scaling up or down. There is also a branded option available where eCIRCODE help to create your organization and structure quickly, efficiently, and with significantly reduced risks.

Time and Material

This model facilitates initiation of projects where the requirements are evolving in nature. Under this model, we forms the project team including the project management staff depending on your projected requirements. You pay the charges based on the size and composition of the team. The model offers you flexibility to balance the size of your team with your projected workloads.

Fixed Price Project

In this model, project requirements and schedule are planned from the beginning and the budget is fixed. For this model to work, the initial requirements contain all needed details and clarity to provide the exactly expected final project outcomes.