Frequently Asked Questions

In this competitive business environment, if your company is not outsourcing, you are definitely losing a chance to lower costs and increased productivity. Outsourcing is one of the best steps that your company can take, as it can help solve most of your business problems and put your company ahead of competitors. Do not let your fears about data security, confidentiality, outsourcing processes, or the technology used stop you from outsourcing. Familiarizing yourself with the way outsourcing works can put your mind at ease and allay your concerns. Here are some common questions that most customers ask us when approaching us for a service.

You can outsource any back office or non-core business function, as we provide a wide array of services, some of which are: Offshore Product Development, Product Prototyping, Product Porting and Migration, Web Application Development, IoT Hardware and Software Design and Embedded Solutions Development and Software Testing, etc.
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Yes. By teaming with us, you can reduce your current operating expenses by a whopping 40% to 60% without compromising on quality or timeline. In fact, you will soon see a marked increase in your ROI, as our services target for highest quality, and are always delivered on schedule. If required, we can also provide you with an overview of the cost of your project.

We understand how important it is to keep customer data secure, private, and confidential. Our organization has taken several stringent security measures, such as: non-disclosure agreement between eCIRCODE and client and our employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement as well, surveillance cameras in our office premises are constantly monitored to ensure that client assets always remain secure, only employees with access cards can enter our premises, employees are trained and regularly tested about security awareness, latest technologies are applied to protect system from virus, worm and malware.

All communication about your project will take place in English. You can choose any communication channel that best suits you: phone, email or chat.
During the course of the project, we will give you regular status updates. One of our experienced project managers will head the team at our office and manage every step of the project. At any given time, you can contact our project manager to find out how your work is being carried out.

It is a challenge but we have good experience with dealing time zone difference, and in fact, take advantage of it: We pair with your teams for "follow-the-sun" working model to complete project faster. If required, we can move the working time to maximize the overlap time.

We focus in delivering quality services, so we hire only the best people. All our employees hold bachelor's or equivalent in engineering, computer science, telecom or exact sciences. For services that require a particular skill or expertise in software, we ensure that we hire certified candidates who have undergone specific and relevant training. Our employees constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge through internal training, seminars and meetings.

Yes, we consider our long-term viability to be excellent. You need not have any reservations about teaming up with us, as we are completely debt-free. To ensure our viability, we always make it a point to sign outsourcing contracts or agreements.