Moving to the Cloud?

Why not? Cloud computing is a disruptive innovation for business and IT, changing how technology services are provided for both consumers and service providers. It is a hot tech trend with a lot of advantages, but not without potential pitfalls such as lacking of the competencies needed for the organizations to manage this shift.

As technology leaders, we have people with rich cloud computing experience and we leverage our competencies to help organizations to obtain the goal in the optimal way and take all advantages of the technology.

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Cloud Computing

As organizations develop applications or migrate existing ones to the cloud, multiple decisions need to be taken at various stages evaluating the ideal cloud environment, identifying the best-fit cloud-based service provider, workloads to be migrated, and selecting the right tools and technology stacks for implementation. eCIRCODE teams will help to build diligent planning, assessment, well-defined approach, and finally perfect implementation to ensure seamless and error-free transition with minimal business impact.