Test Domains

We have a strong software automation testing resources, including leaders with 15+ years of experience in providing software testing services for different types of applications across many industries and domains:

  • Business Applications
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Cloud Applications.
  • Telecom and Networking.

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Software Automation Testing Capability

Testing Tools

GUI Testing

Selenium, QuickTest Pro, WinRunner, Telerik, Sikuli.

Mobile Testing

Appium, Robotium, and UI Automator.

CLI Test

TCL/Tk/Expect, Perl, Python, Java, Unix shell, VBScript.

Traffic Generators and Performance Test

Apache JMeter, Httperf, Apache Bench, Locust.io, IXIA, SmartBits.

REST, SOAP and Protocols Test

Postman, Soap UI, vREST, SIPp, WireShark, TCPDump.

Security and Vulnerability Test

OpenVAS (former Nessus), Kali Linux.