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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the current business hot topic and investment on this gets increased rapidly. Every company soon will be a data company, and every application is an intelligent application. Problem is, how can companies get insights from huge amounts of data and learn from that? Our Artificial Intelligence and Data Science team is formed to help organizations about that. Our competencies are:

  • Image recognition. Deep Learning, OpenCV, Google Cloud Vision API, DocParser.
  • Video recognition. Deep Learning, OpenCV. Google Cloud Video Intelligence, Microsoft Video API, Microsoft Video Indexer.
  • Speech to Text. Google Cloud Speech API, Trint.
  • Natural Speech recognition, Analyze Sentiments. Natural Language Processing, Stanford CoreNLP, IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, Google Cloud Natural Language API, Amazon Alexa Voice Service.
  • ChatBot. Natural Language Processing, Stanford CoreNLP, NLTK. IBM Watson Conversation, api.ai.
  • Extract information. Natural Language Processing, Stanford CoreNLP. Google Natural Language API, IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding.
  • Recommender system. Collaborative Filtering, Content Filtering, Graph-based, Latent Factor Model, Microsoft Recommendations API, Recombee.
  • Data scraping. Libraries: BeautifulSoup, lxml, Requests, and Scrapy.

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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science